Preface: With new liberalization policies encouraging FII (Foreign Institutional Investment), Automobile giants all over the world started establishing their base Read more

Current trends of the general insurance market

” Despite there being over 30 players, the market is still under penetrated. In the general insurance sector, the penetration level is just about 0.65%, Dr Amarnath Ananthanarayanan points out “

The coming year will assume a significant position in the history of Indian insurance industry. It denotes completion of a decade of open-market; ending of oligopoly and entry of private sector insurance companies; and the regime of a new development oriented regulatory authority—the IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority). Read more

The need to cover the death risk should be predominant of all the needs

Life Insurance Products cover the risk of financial losses due to premature death. They also cover the risk of living too long by making payment in lump sum or in installments at old age. But generally, the risk coverage in life insurance means ‘covering the risk of financial losses due to the death of the life insured’. Read more