Guide to Traffic Accidents

Sitting on the bank of a ferociously surging river one can give a touching discourse about ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of swimming. Unfortunately, you will know the depth of the river or the force of water only when you get in. Similarly, the insurance companies, brokers and agents tell a huge lot of stuff about the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of motor accidents in their policies. They implore us to read the policies. They are, indubitably, doing more service than the premium charged. Read more

Painless access to healthcare

Recently when I called my 70 year old mother who lives in a small village in Palakkad, Kerala, she said, “I’m off to see the Doctor. Wish me luck.” A day later, I called her again and asked how the consultation went. She was fuming and irritated. Apparently, she was kept waiting in a small room of the private clinic for over for hours along with a dozen other patients. In the intervening time, the doctor was busy meeting several medical representatives who were given free access by the receptionist. My mother crossed off her name from the waiting list and left in utter dismay. Read more

A Miracle Called Insurance

Recently, I went to give a lecture on Insurance at a local school in Muscat. The lecture was, in fact, intended to tell basics about insurance. All went well. Couple of days later, I received this following mail from a girl called Ms. Priya. This girl has asked a very innocent question. The answer tests our understanding of Insurance. I am imperfect. However, I tried my best to answer her.

Please Read on… Read more