Buying and Selling — Life Insurance

Buying and selling are two different, but simultaneous activities arising out of a single act and as a single ‘event’.

They are different because of the individuals involved are of different characters and ‘act’ with entirely different psychological attitudes. Read more

Customers awareness and Satisfaction – Key factors for successful marketing

“Marketing – A direction towards expansion of business activities A successful marketing – A direction towards progressive and prosperity of the business activities” Read more

Launching of Unit Linked Health Insurance by Life Insurers


Both non-life and life insurance companies are keen on cashing in on the growing opportunities in the health insurance segment. They are on course to offer a slew of products, other than Mediclaim, to give more choice to consumers. Read more

Third Party Administrator in Health Insurance?

Gone are the days of the bleak appearance of the health insurance programmes in the  insurance scenario. Now the Indian insurance market resurrects by giving a legal clothing by IRDA on its constitution of the Third Party Administrator Regulations. Read more

Develop Lifetime Ties

You can’t be content selling somebody something in one shot, if for the same time and effort you could position them and set the stage for them to want to come back every month and buy from you. Don’t set up a relationship with a customer unless you can set it up for a lifetime of purchasing transactions. Read more

Modern Market Driven strategies of LIC- an Overview


The development of mankind from Adam and Eve is customized to change. The change is a common phenomenon which originates from the destruction of one living being and ends with the introduction of another. Read more

Planning Investment Portfolio

Investment is the employment of funds with the aim of achieving additional income or growth in value. It is allocation of monetary resources to assets that are expected to yield some gain or positive return over a given period of time. Read more

The need to cover the death risk should be predominant of all the needs

Life Insurance Products cover the risk of financial losses due to premature death. They also cover the risk of living too long by making payment in lump sum or in installments at old age. But generally, the risk coverage in life insurance means ‘covering the risk of financial losses due to the death of the life insured’. Read more