Celebrating 75 Years of the Indian Actuarial Profession

Institute of Actuaries of India (IAI) celebrated the platinum jubilee of the Indian Actuarial Profession. The celebration was attended by Read more

SC wants fund for mishap victims

The Supreme Court has suggested creating a special fund to compensate three categories of vehicle accident victims who are usually Read more

Planning Investment Portfolio

Investment is the employment of funds with the aim of achieving additional income or growth in value. It is allocation of monetary resources to assets that are expected to yield some gain or positive return over a given period of time. Read more

The need to cover the death risk should be predominant of all the needs

Life Insurance Products cover the risk of financial losses due to premature death. They also cover the risk of living too long by making payment in lump sum or in installments at old age. But generally, the risk coverage in life insurance means ‘covering the risk of financial losses due to the death of the life insured’. Read more

Whether risk management has taken a back seat admits stiff competition?

Risk management, a terminology, not an integral tool of Non-life insurers, but a global phenomenon to be adopted, accepted and followed by all and sundry.

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Health Cover & Care – Predominent Parameter of Micro-insurance


Low-income households are vulnerable to risks and economic shocks. One way for the poor to protect their health is through insurance. By helping low-income households to manage their health risks, micro-insurance can assist them to maintain a sense of financial confidence even in the face of significant vulnerability.

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