Global Consumer Insurance Survey 2012 Asia-Pacific by ERNST & YOUNG

The Asia-Pacific region is one of enormous growth and opportunity for insurers. It is also one of significant diversity. In developing countries, agency sales forces dominate and play a vital social role in making products accessible to low earners. The development of insurance markets in western- Developed countries, however, indicates that the emergence of more independent, but also expensive, distribution channels often ultimately leads to the demise of traditional agency sales forces. Read more

Total healthcare costs in India are projected to increase by 12.3% annually to USD214 billion by 2020 Swiss Re Study

David Alexander Director Head of Business Development, Asia  Swiss ReThe Health Protection Gap in the Asia-Pacific region could reachUSD197 billion in 2020, according to Swiss Re’s latest study, entitled Health Protection Gap: Asia-Pacific 2012. This study is the first of its kind whichpresents and compares the Health Protection Gap across 13 markets in the Asia-Pacific region: Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam.  Read more