Insurance premiums set for major hike from January

The new year is set to bring an increase of 40 to 60 percent to private pension programs and healthcare insurance policies for those who wish to sign new contracts. Pension programs’ soaring costs are rendering access to private social security even more difficult, at a time when public social security provisions are decreasing and people are seeking solutions that will secure them a decent pension in the future. Read more

The need to cover the death risk should be predominant of all the needs

Life Insurance Products cover the risk of financial losses due to premature death. They also cover the risk of living too long by making payment in lump sum or in installments at old age. But generally, the risk coverage in life insurance means ‘covering the risk of financial losses due to the death of the life insured’. Read more

Bright Color Cars, Senior Citizens, Astrology & Insurance

2009 was a memorable year for the entire Insurance industry, not due to the new and stable central government or its policies, but due to two strange news items concerning insurance appeared in the press a while ago. The first news item is ‘Motor premium to depend on the color of car – brighter the color, lower the premium’. And the second one was ‘Senior citizens can now go for health cover’.

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