Which Health Insurance Plan is Right for you?


Health insurance is a plan which gives coverage for your medical expenses. It greatly reduces financial stress in times of medical emergency.


Different individuals have different health needs. No single plan can suit everybody. Hence, insurance companies give out different kinds of health insurance policies to cover everyone’s requirements.


The different types of health insurance plans available in India are:

  • Individual health insurance: This plan covers all the hospitalization charges for an individual. If you fall ill and are hospitalized then your hospital bills and medicine bills will get coverage from the insurance company.  The maximum limit will be given by the company as per the policy you opt for.  If you are single and don’t have dependents, then you can choose this plan.
  • Family floater: This type of health insurance will cover your entire family. The hospital charges for any member of the family will be borne by the insurance company. Individual plans are costlier than a family plan. Hence, if you are concerned for the health of your entire family then, then a family health plan the best affordable option for you.
  • Senior Citizen Insurance: As the name suggests, this plan is for senior citizens. The senior citizens are vulnerable to many diseases and hence a normal health insurance plan does not cover them. The senior citizen plan is specially designed to meet their health needs. Some insurance companies also have tie-ups with the hospitals closer to the applicants’ homes, making the whole process convenient for them.
  • Corporate Insurance: A company can opt for this plan to insure the health of all the employees and their dependents. This proves to be a great motivator for the employees and assists them to be work-focused.
  • Personal accidents: Even if you are healthy and young, you never know when, you may meet with an unfortunate accident. To financially secure yourself in such situations, these add-on plans are the best. This plan can be beneficial for any age group. The insurance company will compensate for the hospital bills in case of any accident.
  • Hospitalization cash: If you are the only earning member of your family, then you can avail of this option to support them. This add-on plan will give you fixed amount of money for each day you spend in the hospital. This will ensure that you can take care of your spending, even if you are on an off from work.
  • Critical illness: If you have a medical history or do not want to take any risk, then you can go for critical illness plan. This plan will be useful to you in case you are diagnosed with a critical or fatal disease. All the expensive treatments for such diseases will get financial coverage from the insurance company.
  • Travel insurance: If you need to travel a lot or have frequent transfers then you can select a travel insurance plan. This plan will keep your health insured, wherever you go.


These different plans cater to different audiences. Choose the health insurance plan that serves your needs the best and offers help with your medical bills when you need it most.


About HDFC Health:

HDFC Health is an initiative by HDFC Life, a life insurance company in India to help increase awareness, spread knowledge and enshroud myths surrounding the health insurance sector in India. As a wholly owned subsidiary of HDFC Life, HDFC Health offers health insurance policies in India that cover individual, family floater, critical illness and cancer care insurance plans


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