ING Life Insurance asks ‘Why pay bills a year in advance?’

ING Life Insurance has launched a pan India television campaign that highlights the ease of paying life insurance in small monthly premiums. The TVC created by Law & Kenneth went on air recently. The campaign dubbed in regional languages (Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam) will run for three weeks across news and entertainment channels.

The TVC begins with a man answering the doorbell. A delivery man hands groceries along with the bill. The man is surprised at the length of the bill; the delivery man says the bill is for the next one year, much to the surprise of the recipient. Likewise, there is a newspaper vendor and the gas delivery man who hand bills for the next one year. The customer is perplexed by the bills and the voice over asks, Do you pay everyone’s bills one year in advance? So why do you buy life insurance that way? The TVC ends with the man adding life insurance premium to his list of monthly payments of telephone, electricity, and ration expenses. His son then jokingly asks if he can get next year’s pocket money in advance.

On the campaign, Mohit Goel, executive vice president – marketing, ING Life Insurance, said, “Life Insurance is extremely crucial for building a solid foundation for your family’s financial future. At ING Life Insurance, we believe in educating and empowering our customers, so that they make life insurance a basic need of life. Through this ad campaign, we are reaching out to people, who have not taken life insurance at all as well as those who have taken life insurance but for an amount lesser than their actual needs because they did not have lump sum funds to cover big. Buying life insurance is now made easy. Like all of us pay utility bills every month to run our households, one can now buy life insurance by paying monthly premiums.

On the brief, Charles Victor, national creative director, Law & Kenneth, said,From our studies we realised that there are a whole bunch of people who already understand and buy insurance but there are also a whole bunch of people who are fence sitters. They would want insurance but consider paying an annual premium as a huge barrier to buying insurance. So, we felt that there is already a feature that we have, which enables to pay premiums monthly. Thus, the brief given to us was that there are fence sitters for whom affordability is a big barrier and paying huge annual premiums is a big question.

On developing the creative, Victor said,The creative layer that we added to the ad was, assume that you had to pay your grocery bills annually or that you had to pre-pay your electricity bills for the rest of the year. Therefore, if everyone started to demand money in advance it is going to be an impossible task to pay. On the other hand, if you pay for it every month, it does not seem so great an amount. So we added this interesting creative layer to it and said, treat your life insurance premium as a monthly expense in the same way as your grocery and electricity bills.

On the TVC, he said, The TVC is lighter than the usual insurance commercials; we did not want to go down the regular route. Especially, since this category is serious. We wanted to add humour to the TVC that softens the entire process of buying life insurance.”,ing-life-insurance-asks-why-pay-bills-a-year-in-advance.aspx

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