The scope of activities in sales situations

A typical day in a salesperson’s life includes making certain number of calls, opening of new accounts, analysing  the account lost, if any, sales presentation, closing of initiated sales preparing daily reports and keeping records of transactions. It is worth while to throw somelight on the various activities and job performed by a salesperson.

Trouble Shooter : Problem Solving Activity for the customer

Problem solving requires substantial knowledge and decision making skill. In the case where prospective customers are not aware of utility of products or services in question, there is a problem. The sales person can contribute by identifying and suggesting best solution for it. In many sales situations, these activities make up a substantial part of the total sales effort.

Coordinator : Co-ordinating Buyers and Sellers Activities

With the multifarious and complex system of todays business situation there is a need for a catalyst to bring together and work with the parallel departments of supplier and customer.

Most of the sales persons are in position to perform this function.

Interactions : Attending Conventions

In conventions organised by company, sales  persons interact with their peers about work situations and problems and arrive at a consensus of opinion on issues which impinge on their work. Convention range in nature from company convention to industry convention. They  may be local, national or international in nature. These are important motivational and inspirational tools for the sales persons whose broad purposes are to:

  1. Provide strength to the sales persons identity with the company to executive.
  2. Exchange information with sales persons.
  3. Provide specialised  training.
  4. Provide sales persons with a change of pace.

Updating : Attending Seminars

Seminars are held seasonally or annually. Sales persons usually attend these not only to achieve sales, but also to understand competition’s  products and prices. Technological advancement in different area is also communicated to them through  these  Seminar.

Learner : Attending Educational Workshops

Many lines of sales work afford the opportunity for continued formal education throughout a career. Many companies like NTPC, ONGC, TISCO, etc. require sales persons to follow a continued  programme of studies in addition to company training.

Keeping Records

The job of sales persons is not finished until the paper work is completed. A sales person has to prepare daily call reports including new accounts opening report, account closing reports etc. It  is understandable that these records not only keep track of their day to day activities, but also provide past and present data to undertake any future assessment.

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