The Insurance Times Technical Research Paper Competition – Last Date of Submission 30th June 2020

Guidelines for participation in the contest 1. The Technical/Research Paper Writing Contest 2020 is back and open to all in India and Abroad. 2. The paper must be an original contribution in the form of an essay, research paper, technical paper, or case study. 3. Once you decide to participate in the contest please send us an email with the proposed topic and information mentioned in point 14 via email at [email protected] 4. The contribution must be exclusive and should not have been published elsewhere in the same or modified form. The paper should be original and well researched. 5. Length of the paper: Minimum 3500 words and Maximum 7500 words.

6. Rules for formatting text are as under: a) Page size A4 b) Font: Arial c) Line spacing: 1.5 Leading d) Font size: Arial 12 e) Major heading: 14 f) Subheading Bold: 12

7. All the diagrams, tables, and charts cited in the paper must be serially numbered and the source should be mentioned wherever required. Proper acknowledgment and bibliography must be given if reference is taken from any source. The data used in the article must be taken from a verified source. 8. The paper would be subject to plagiarism check. If it is found that the article contains copied matter from site/published article or any other source the entry would be rejected outright. 9. The award would be decided by our Technical/Research Paper Award Committee and all the decisions of the Committee would be final. 10. The topic for the technical/research paper writing contest should be related to 1. General Insurance 2. Life Insurance 3. Reinsurance 4. Risk Management and related areas 5. Actuarial aspects 6. Information Technology/Insuretech / Artificial Intelligence/Blockchain / Telematics in Insurance 7. Innovation in product development 8. Corporate Governance in Insurance 9. Innovation in Customer Services 11. The paper with thought-provoking ideas, in-depth analysis of the current scenario, challenges, Opportunities based on authenticated data will be given preference. 12. The Article must also contain an abstract not exceeding 500 words. 13. The Technical/Research Paper and abstract must be sent through e-mail on [email protected] and should reach us not later than 30th June 2020. Last Date has been extended due to COVID 19. 14. The author(s) must submit the following details along with the covering letter Name of the Author (s) Residential Address Office Name & Address Contact No.(Mobile/ Landline No.) Qualification Date of Birth Email ID Brief Introduction and Experience Attach Passport size Photograph

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