Preparation of Marine Cargo Policies

It is generally observed that most of the marine policies issued are defective. The areas where the mistakes are being committed are in attaching the clauses. Read more

Under Insurance aspect with respect to Marine Cargo Policies Is sum insured average applicable to Marine Cargo Policies

Though Marine Cargo Policies are in principle devised on agreed valued basis, in policies covering especially second hand Machinery under Marine Policies, under Insurance or sum Insured average is quite applicable. A novel example is presented in this context pointing out where sum insured average is applicable in Marine Cargo Claims. Read more

Importance of documents in Marine Hull claims

From the age of Lloyds, who have introduced Marine branch as one of the branches of General Insurance Business, most of the Insurers do not prefer to underwrite Marine Hull business because of their claim experience. In most of the Marine Hull claims, the claims are not settled promptly because of inadequate documents collected from the insured’s. Read more