Treatment of painting charges including materials and other miscellaneous expenses spent by insured in making the new spare parts to fit in the place of damaged parts in Motor O.D. Claims

Under partial losses of Insured vehicle, the question of treatment of cost of colour and painting charges and other miscellaneous expenses spent by insured on the new spare part to render it to fix in the place of damaged part arises, creating confusion, whether to treat such charges as an additional cost of spare part that requires replacement and thereupon to be clubbed along with cost of bare spare part TO ARRIVE THE VALUE OF PART  to be replaced or to treat such additional expenses spent on the bare part by insured as LABOUR CHARGES during renewal of the spare part, since the repairers of Insured Vehicle have been furnishing loss estimate showing the bare part (without colour) under list of parts to be replaced and colour cost and painting charges under labour charges ON ACCOUNT OF NON-AVAILABILITY of colour spares readily in the market. Read more