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Renault made its advent in the Indian subcontinent in 2005 and since then has ruled the roads of the country. A global automaker, it has its presence across 125 countries. At the outset, Renault partnered with the Mahindra & Mahindra group and launched LOGAN (However, currently the LOGAN is being manufactured by Mahindra & Mahindra under a special licensing agreement). The launch of LOGAN set forth the ball rolling for Renault and it began its manufacturing facility and a technology and business centre in India. The foreign automaker was well-received by Indians and it can be seen in their growth of 160% in domestic sales in December 2015. So far, Renault has launched cars vehicles across three segments in India: Car – Renault SCALA, Renault PULSE, and Renault KWID; SUV – Renault DUSTER, and MPV – Renault LODGY. These vehicles have made its mark prominently on the Indian roads. The best part about Renault is vehicles across all categories live up to customer expectations in terms of design, performance, price, and resale value.


As is known, India is a huge market for used cars or pre-owned cars, Renault vehicles get an edge over due to its good resale value. Also, Renault has a separate segment called Renault Selection that deals exclusively with the selling of used cars – both Renault and non-Renault brands. This segment was launched in 2015 and is rapidly expanding in major markets. It is understood that definitely there is an advantage of buying used Renault cars in the city from the brand’s own resale segment. In addition, you can also find vehicles of other brands too. Renault Selection provides a wide range of service for used cars in order to ensure 100% peace of mind to the customers while they are making a purchase. All the vehicles at Renault Selection irrespective of being Renault brand or non-Renault brand have to go through the Renault quality standards test consisting of 199 quality checks along with Road Side Assistance (RSA).Any purchase made at Renault Selection will be entitled to clean documentation, warranty, and financial assistance (if needed). So, apart from many pre-owned car dealers, you always have Renault Selection as one of your choices if you want to purchase used cars.

Used cars in India are potential attractions for first-time car buyers, middle and lower middle-class segment of the economic strata, college-goers, and fresh graduates. It is also seen that small cars like Renault KWID and Renault Pulse are preferred vehicles among the mentioned segment of buyers. Aside from being easy on the pocket, these cars are easily maneuverable on choc-a-bloc city roads. But, that does not deter the interest of owning an SUV like Renault DUSTER, sedans like Renault SCALA, or MPV like Renault LODGY. All these vehicles are high on performance, design, and technology. Even though you pick one of these vehicles from a pre-owned showroom, you will get it serviced to perfection and almost like buying a new car. They might have the tag of used Renault cars in city but they are worth a buy considering the good quality and low price. For example, imagine you want to buy a Renault KWID, that is already priced low, but for personal reasons, you opt to buy a pre-owned one. In such a scenario, there are all chances that you can buy the car at a further reduced cost with all standard features intact. So, wouldn’t it be a great buy? Hence, break the myth and be assured that as the market of used cars in India is growing, so is the quality of service improving alongside.

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