Life Insurance & Married Women’s Property Act (MWP Act) – Details and Benefits


The Married Women’s Property Act aims to protect properties of women from creditors. Under this act, any property/ies belonging to women remains unattached in case the court or income tax department attaches their husbands’ properties for any liabilities.


Such property is also protected in case of premature death of the husband and banks wanting to recover their dues through liquidation of his assets. While availing insurance coverage, it is important for the husband to acquire the same under the MWP act to protect the interest of his wife and children.


Availing insurance under the MWP Act

Because life insurance policies are also attachable assets, husbands must avail the cover under MWP Act. This ensures the money received in case of his untimely demise remains with his widow and kids and does not go to lenders. The procedure to acquire the policy under this act is very simple and quick. You will need to fill out the MWP addendum while availing the insurance coverage. The form is available with your insurance service provider. You can provide the name/s of your wife and/or children as beneficiaries to ensure that the money is retained by them in case of your death.


Life covers are often seen as a way to protect your family financially. This objective is lost if the policy benefits cannot be availed by your beneficiaries. Every kind of insurance policy; whether term or life plan should be availed under the MWP Act to ensure there is no attachment in case of an unforeseen event since the policy does not belong to the husband.


Who can avail insurance under MWPA?

Any male who is married can procure life insurance policies in India under the MWP Act including widowers and divorcees. The policy can be availed in a single name with the proposer being the person himself. Endowment, money back, or term plans can be procured under this act.


Married women can also avail MWP insurance plans and the beneficiaries can be her children. The insurance policy is a separate asset and her husband will not be entitled to any benefits under the same.



Husbands availing insurance plans in India under the MWP Act can provide beneficiaries as follows:

  • Children and wife together
  • Kid/s alone (includes natural as well as adopted)
  • Only the wife


While availing such cover, you need to bear in mind that the policy cannot be assigned to another individual. Moreover, a loan is also not available on the same. If you need to surrender the policy, you will have to make a request with the signature of the holder and the trustee along with the beneficiary/ies.

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