International Insurance News: Swiss Re appoints 2 members to group executive committee

Swiss Re’s Board of Directors announces that Guido Fürer, currently head chief investment office, is appointed as group chief investment officer of Swiss Re and member of the group executive committee, from 1 November 2012.

He succeeds David Blumer who has decided to leave the company. Additionally, John R Dacey, Swiss Re’s head group strategy & strategic investments, is named as a new member of the group executive committee from 1 November 2012. In addition, John R Dacey will also become Chairman of Swiss Re’s Admin Re business.

Walter B. Kielholz, chairman of the board of directors of Swiss Re Ltd, says: “Mr. Fürer’s appointment as group chief investment officer represents a smooth transition for this important area of our company. He has a successful track record of 15 years at Swiss Re, and his experience and expertise ensure that our very successful Asset Management strategy will continue to be implemented in a consistent and transparent manner.

“Appointing John R. Dacey to the Group Executive Committee underscores the central role played by Group Strategy & Strategic Investments in advancing our strategy and exploiting our research expertise. In addition to these responsibilities, Mr. Dacey will act as Chairman of Admin Re. He has many years of executive management experience in primary insurance, and this will be of great value to our Admin Re business.”

Currently head chief investment office and member of the group management board, Guido Fürer has been responsible for Swiss Re’s global asset allocation, portfolio steering and portfolio analytics, as well as for the Reinsurance Business Unit’s investments. In assuming the role of Group Chief Investment Officer, he will take on overall responsibility for managing all investments of the Swiss Re Group.

John R. Dacey joined Swiss Re in October 2012 as head group strategy & strategic investments. Prior to Swiss Re, he was at AXA where he held the role of Group Vice-Chairman for Asia-Pacific as well as member of AXA’s group executive committee.

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