A Miracle Called Insurance

Recently, I went to give a lecture on Insurance at a local school in Muscat. The lecture was, in fact, intended to tell basics about insurance. All went well. Couple of days later, I received this following mail from a girl called Ms. Priya. This girl has asked a very innocent question. The answer tests our understanding of Insurance. I am imperfect. However, I tried my best to answer her.

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Life Insurance Article: Can NRI purchase life insurance in India?

The Indian Insurance Industry has matured over the years and self-awareness for insurance and its important has slowly crept into the minds of the pro-active financial planners across the globe. This in fact has been triggered by the recent fall in premium for online Term Plans. The surge of interest of Non Resident Indians to purchase a Life Insurance Product in India has given a platform to many insurance companies to re-strategize and capitalize on the huge potential of tapping the NRI or the Person of Indian Origin, PIO. Read more

Life Insurance must do some introspection for industry’s sustainable growth

The sustainability and profitable growth of any industry hinges on the value proposition that it offers to customers as well as the needs of customers it addresses. One must bear in mind that companies or corporations exist because they provide goods or services which are required by the consumers.  Read more

The safeguards against business process re-engineering processes considering its success & failure factors

1. Business process reengineering:

There a number of definitions of business process reengineering (BPR). Klein and Manganelli in their book “The Reengineering Handbook” defines it as the “Rapid and radical redesign of strategic, value added business processes-and the systems, policies and organizational structures that support them-to optimize work flows and productivity within an organization”.

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