A road mishap victim’s kin get Rs 7.14 lakh compensation from National Insurance

The kin of a woman, who died in a road accident during a pilgrimage, have been given damages of over Rs seven lakh by a Motor Accident Claims Tribunal which said the selfless love of a spouse and a mother cannot be compensated.

The tribunal ordered National Insurance Company Ltd, with which the offending vehicle was insured, to pay Rs 7,14,312 to the husband and three children of 41-year-old Prabhawati, who died after getting hit by a motorcycle.

While awarding the compensation, the tribunal said, “The loss of true love and care suffered by a child whose mother died in a road accident, loss of wife’s personal care and attention which the husband had suffered cannot be calculated in terms of money.”

“It also held that “the accident was caused due to the motorcyclist.” The woman’s husband Heera Singh told the court that they had gone to Haridwar and then to Rishkesh in July 2006.

On their way, when she stepped out of the vehicle for nature’s call, a motorcycle driven by Gautam Yadav came in a rash and negligent manner and hit her, he said.

Due to the impact, she fell down and was rushed to a hospital where she was declared “brought dead.”

The Delhi resident was working at a tailoring shop and was earning Rs 4,000 per month, her husband told the court.

The tribunal also quoted a judgement of a Queen’s bench division in England which read as “the services of a wife, a mother are worth more than those of a housekeeper because she is in constant attendance and does many more things than a housekeeper.”

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