Types of sales presentations

Typically, all salespeople use one of the following types of sales presentations.

Canned Presentation

Canned presentations are those presentations where text of the presentation is carefully worded, tested and finally written down. Each sales person is expected to memorise it and strictly follow the contents in the defined order, while making a presentation.

This presentation method is most commonly used in non technical product selling, like, Pharmaceuticals, telephone selling, door to door selling, etc.

The disadvantage of such technique is that the prospect has limited participation. He might view it, as a high pressure selling and defer taking a purchase decision.

Planned presentation

It is, no doubt carefully planned and organised but still it has a personal touch of the individual making the presentation. In this method, the training department provides just a format and the individual sales person then writes explanations, descriptions and illustrations.

The advantage of this presentation method is that it appears more conversational and less formal, as the sales person is using his own wordings. As a result, in this presentation method the prospect also gets involved and his doubts and questions can be carefully handled.

Audio-Visual Presentation

For such presentation the sales persons heavily depend on the A V aids. These aids range from charts, slides, video films, prototypes, computer based presentations to the use of actual product. In advertising industry, computer software industry, such presentation methods are used. In these presentations the speaker of the salesperson takes the back seat and the prospect’s attention remains centered around the A V aids.

Such aids are typically used, not only to gain the attention but in the absence of these it might be difficult to explain or demonstrate.

Problem Solving Presentation

This is a two step presentation method. The first stage is to study the individual prospect’s needs and the second is suggesting a proposition. Thus helping the prospect to solve the problem. Such method is commonly used in insurance sector where the insurance agent ask the prospect about the requirements and accordingly, he proposes a specific policy, its advantages and benefits.

Similar methods are also used in management consultancy assignments relating to all functions or high-tech customised products.

Having understood the various types of presentation methods being following in different product categories, we appreciate the relevance of it in the sales job. Let us now systematically discuss the structure of a typical presentation, presentation strategy and the skills required at the end of each speaker.

Extracts from “Tips of Selling Life Insurance” by Dr. Rakesh Agarwal. Copyright of Sashi Publications, kolkata www.sashipublications.com and www.bimabazaar.com