The three forms of travel insurance

  1. The three forms of travel insurance

Business or pleasure is a question asked at the immigration counter. But the right time to ask the question is when one is choosing travel insurance to cover the trip; business, pleasure, or student. Based on the needs, travel insurance is offered as single trip, multi-trip or student travel plans. The difference in sum insured, focus areas of each plan and period of coverage can make the insurance highly suitable to each of the itineraries.

The basic differences relate to coverage duration with a few other minor differences. A single-trip plan covers one trip with pre-defined length of trip and destination, bought at the time of insurance. A multi-trip plan secures multiple trips in a year to one or several destinations by declaring a possible length for each trip. A student plan allows one to pick a length of trip ranging from 30 days to two years as per the length of the course. Here, we classify the risk covers of the three forms into medical and non-medical risk covers and evaluate the differences between them.

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