Tata AIA ties up with Medix to offer specialised ‘Critical illness’ services

Tata AIA Life Insurance, has partnered with Medix, a global company specialising in medical management solutions, to provide TATA AIA customers with access to a local and global network of certified medical specialists to manage their medical treatment related to serious illnesses. This service is available to policyholders who have taken eligible life insurance products such as term, savings, and pension plans.

Through this partnership, customers in India will have access to the Personal Medical Care Management (PMCM) facility, which provides top-notch medical assistance. This will involve reevaluating the medical issue, diagnosing it, and developing a comprehensive treatment plan with the best possible treatment, including referrals to the town’s top experts and care coordination. Customers of Tata AIA may follow, manage, engage with dedicated medical teams, and receive updates on their medical journey using this service, assuring the permanence of treatment that is centred on excellence. Patients and their families will no longer have to cope with the stress and uncertainty that comes with significant medical issues because of this. Medix will afterwards keep supporting them and working with their treating physician on ongoing treatments, side effects, concerns, and inquiries.

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