Sri Lanka Insurance Life offers ‘Early Cash’

Understanding the modern and vibrant lifestyle of the young generations, Sri Lanka Insurance presents ‘Early Cash’ life insurance solution which provides early returns while offering comprehensive protection for policyholders.

Sri Lanka Insurance Life ‘Early Cash” is a long-term plan in which pays up to 50% of the policy value in two advance payments before the end of policy period. (50% for a 10 year plan and 40% for a 15/20 year plan).

The policyholders will also receive unmatchable bonus calculated based on the total policy value even if advance payments have been obtained, making it an unparalleled insurance solution in the market.

The insurance solution can be further customized according to the specific insurance needs of policyholders with additional covers such as critical illness cover, hospitalization cover, additional life cover, permanent disability benefit, accidental death cover and spouse cover etc. for enhanced protection.

In the event of unexpected demise of the policyholder during the policy period the entire sum assured with accumulated bonus will be paid to the dependents immediately, regardless of any previous advance payments made.

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