Shame on Democracy

June 4 2011 will be remembered as a black day in the annals of the Independent India. The way the government behaved to crush the peaceful movement against corruptions shows how desperate is the government to safeguard the corrupt people.

Today we felt ashamed on the treatment meted to the innocent people protesting in New Delhi in Ramlila Ground. The government has lost its moral ground to be in the power. It is the high time that our puppet prime minister resigns and shows some courtesy.

Is for this Mahatma Gandhi and other freedom fighters laid their lives. What is the difference between British government and the current government in power? They have not just ashamed themselves but also the freedom fighters.

Every Indian should raise its voice against this brutality. The policemen seen in the picture should be suspended. Didn’t they have the courage to handle the situation in a different way?

It is not the question of Baba Ramdev or Anna Hazare gaining popularity. We must support these people since they are fighting on behalf of us. We shall be betraying our soul if we do not support the peoples movement.

The senior ministers of the government were seen making mockery of them while making irresponsible statement. I think they have forgotten that it would be a matter of few days if the whole country joins the movement and overthrows them from power.

Join in the movement to teach these politicians a lesson who are filling their coffers at the expense of common man.





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