Reliance General Insurance launches new healthcare plan

A new health insurance plan has been introduced by Reliance General Insurance with the aim of addressing consumer concern over increasing hospitalization costs and medical bills. The new health insurance plan is comprehensive in nature and completely customer centric. As the tag line – SochSeZyaada – says, the new policy has something more than a customer can expect from a healthcare policy. Three innovative features are offered by the plan, which are not offered by any other existing healthcare policy. According to the terms, a buyer gets extra cover with every sum-insured for free like, Rs one lakh on  Rs 3 lakhs, Rs 2 lakhs on Rs 5 lakhs and Rs 3 lakhs on 10 lakhs, etc. In addition to that, the buyer also gets covered for additional period. Further, the policy is applicable for emergency hospitalization all over the globe. The sum assured on the Health Infinity plan ranges from Rs 3 lakhs to Rs one crore and buyers in the age group of 25 to 45 years are eligible for this product re-instatement of 100% sum insured if exhausted during the policy year is allowed to the policyholder.

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