ManipalCigna launches health policy covering OPD expenses up to Rs. 50,000

ManipalCigna Health Insurance Company Ltd. has forayed into cashless OPD with the launch of ManipalCigna ProHealth Prime offering day-to-day healthcare expenses such as consultation fees, prescribed diagnostic tests and pharmacy expenses.

As per the company, In India, approximately 65% of healthcare expenditures are out-of-pocket expenses, which are not covered by most health insurance policies in the market. To help reduce such spending, ManipalCigna ProHealth Prime will give policy holders Rs.  20,000, Rs.  30,000 or Rs.  50,000 per policy year, to cover outpatient expenses, including dental, vision, physical doctor consultation fees, prescribed medicines, etc.

“Cashless OPD cover is especially beneficial to people with higher out of pocket expenses or parents with infants or young children prone to ailments that require over-the-counter medicines or get tests done quite frequently. These expenses add up to a lot, but go unnoticed by most health insurance plans. Thus people who require regular OPD consultations can benefit greatly from a health insurance plan which helps cover their OPD expenditures on cashless basis and lets you stay fit with simplified wellness offerings,” said Prasun Sikdar, Managing Director and CEO, ManipalCigna Health Insurance.

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