IRDAI appoints Liberty General Insurance as lead insurer for Delhi

Liberty General Insurance was appointed as the lead insurer for Delhi by the IRDAI.

The appointment comes as a part of IRDAI’s State Insurance Plan, which aims to enhance financial awareness and drive insurance inclusion in collaboration with other insurers.

"IRDAI’s decision to identify Liberty General Insurance as the lead insurer (NonLife) for Delhi is a strategic move to improve insurance awareness and penetration across the state. The initiative aligns with IRDAI’s mission of “Insurance for All by 2047” and aims to ensure last-mile delivery of insurance services to the uninsured population of Delhi," the company said.

As the lead insurer, Liberty General Insurance will collaborate with all non-life and health insurance companies operating in Delhi, as well as with IRDAI and the state government, to create awareness of existing government schemes and enhance insurance reach and accessibility across the state, including at the district, and state levels.

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