India to set up expert teams to deal with health emergencies

India to set up expert teams to deal with health emergencies

The government is setting up 100 teams that will respond to health emergencies, including pandemics, along the lines of the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA).

Officials from the health ministry, AIIMS, National Centre for Disease Control, National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and NDMA are devising a mechanism along with state governments to put it into action.

“We are going to create an emergency medical response team for states to deal with future pandemic and environmental disasters like cyclone, earthquake or for any disease outbreak,” said a government official aware of the matter.

“During covid-19, we had set up central teams to manage the pandemic. At present, whenever any crisis occurs, the government deploys a team and sends them to the site. But once these teams are in place with the right training and knowledge to tackle any emergency then only a dedicated team will be deployed,” the official added.


The emergency medical response team will be a group of healthcare professionals who will provide direct clinical care to populations affected by outbreaks and emergencies to support the local healthcare system.

“The plan is to set up 100 teams consisting of specialist doctors like burn surgical specialists, public health experts and logistic experts who would access PPE (personal protective equipment) kits etc., administrators, officials from NDRF, NDMA.


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