Aegon Life Insurance launches ‘Life + 36 critical illness Insurance’ plan on Flipkart – Check features

  Aegon Life Insurance has announced the launch of ‘Life + 36 critical illness Insurance’ on Flipkart at the starting premium of just Rs. 153 for a life cover of Rs 1 lakh plus Critical Illness cover of Rs.10,000. This means that the policyholder gets the benefit of life protection along with a lump sum pay-out on the diagnosis of any of the 36 critical illnesses. This plan provides one with comprehensive insurance cover against COVID-19, that can be availed on the Flipkart app instantly along with the base life insurance plan.   There is a high risk of lifestyle diseases such as heart attack, kidney failure, etc. in the present times due to stress and lifestyle choices. Aegon Life’s “Life+ 36 Critical illness Insurance” ensures that the policyholder gets covered against most of the lifestyle diseases along with a life cover to ease the financial burden.   The policy covers most of the life-threatening illnesses such as Cancer, Heart Attack, Kidney Failure, Stroke, Burns, Alzheimer and 30 other diseases. The policy is issued instantly and requires no medical check-up nor KYC. On diagnosis of any of the 36 life-threatening illness, the policyholder is paid a lump sum amount irrespective of hospital bills. The Life cover continues with the sum assured reduced against the claims paid under the policy. The lump-sum pay-out helps manage the healthcare expenses, home treatment and other related expenses.   Speaking on the launch of Life + 36 Critical illness Benefit, Satishwar Balakrishnan, Principal Officer, and CFO, Aegon Life Insurance, shared, “We remain deeply committed to our vision of creating tension-free lives by making insurance affordable, simple and accessible, and ‘Life + 36 Critical Illness Insurance’ is aligned with our vision. In the present scenario, healthcare costs pose a burden, especially if diagnosed with critical illnesses; the limited physical activity due to the ongoing pandemic has added to the high risk of lifestyle diseases.   To ensure that our customers are not burdened with the overwhelming costs of health emergencies, benefits such as ‘pay on critical illness diagnosis’ which pays a lump sum amount on diagnosis of any of the 36  critical illnesses, will be a boon to the policyholders”.   “Our earlier product on Flipkart, Life + Covid-19 Insurance, witnessed a great affinity and helped us to understand the need for more inclusive offerings. Our association with Flipkart will not only help us increase our distribution base but will also enable us to offer best in class services to the Flipkart customers by providing them relevant protection solutions,” says Balakrishnan.

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