Wife murderer forged death certificate to claim insurance money

Six people, including murder accused Prakash Shingnapure, who had allegedly killed his wife and daughter, have been booked for defrauding the insurance company of Rs 2.79 lakh by submitting the wife’s fake death certificate.

The matter was brought to fore by the insurance company, Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), which lodged a complaint at Tehsil police station.

Shingnapure had stabbed his wife Pranita (34) and daughter Shreya (13) to death on April 8, 2011. He had also attempted to commit suicide by stabbing himself twenty times, but survived. He was booked for murder at Jaripatka police station. On February 1, the Nagpur bench of Bombay high court had commuted the death sentence awarded to Shingnapure to 30 years of rigorous imprisonment.

Tehsil police said that while Shingnapure was undergoing treatment from April 8 to June 17, he procured a fake death certificate of Pranita. Police said that though he had murdered his wife, the death certificate mentioned that she died of a cardiac arrest. This certificate was submitted to the insurance office to claim the insurance amount with help from one Rahul Wasnik, who was also booked in the case.

Police said Shingnapure’s brothers Ajay and Anup and their wives Roshni and Rupali, were also involved in the fraud. The insurance amount was distributed among all the accused.


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