Valid insurance certificate mandatory

The District Transport Officer, Imphal West has notified that valid insurance certificate is mandatory according to the Central Motor Vehicle Rule 1989 Act 1988 during application for vehicles registration number.

Mechanical Propelled Vehicles should posses valid insurance certificates, it said.

Driving vehicles without a valid insurance certificate is a violation of the Central Motor Vehicles Act/Rules, the statement further said.

Vehicles owners are also informed to carry along all the documents i.e. valid registration certificate, valid licence, valid insurance certificate, valid pollution certificate, valid fitness certificate while driving their vehicles, the statement said.

The maximum speed limit of Motor cycle (two wheelers) is 50 kilometres per hour, medium or heavy passenger vehicles should not cross the speed limit of 40 km per hour and the maximum speed limit for heavy or medium goods carrying vehicles is 40 km per hour, it added.

ing party deliberately neither paid the claim nor produced any evidence regarding the driver who was driving the car, rather they arbitrarily denied the claim”.

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