Extend your insurance cover on paid-up policies




In case you are unable to pay premiums any more in your traditional or unit-linked insurance plans (Ulips), you can use the paid-up option. Here, the policy continues to remain valid. However, its maturity amount is reduced and is also called a reduced paid-up policy.

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The future of the insurance sector is pension and health products: D K Mehrotra

Life Insurance Corporation of India has planned to get into the banking sector through its subsidiary, LIC Housing Finance. D K Mehrotra, chairman of Life Insurance Corporation of India, the government-owned giant, talks of their plans with Business Standard. Read more

Complaints pile up at Mumbai insurance ombudsman office

At least 2,500 complaints are lying with the Insurance Ombudsman’s office here for a decision. And, it will take more than a year to clear these. Reason: There is no ombudsman. The post has been vacant since October 2012. Given the backlog, it could take up to a year to clear just the pending cases, before the new ones could be perused. Read more