RGJAY: National Insurance denies TPA incentive data requested under RTI

The Maharashtra government has launched Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojana (RGJAY) in order to improve medical access facility for both Below Poverty Line (BPL – Yellow card holders) and Above Poverty Line (APL- Orange card holders) families). RGJAY is already being implemented in eight districts including Mumbai and would be implemented throughout the state in phased manner in a period of three years. Read more

Revise insurance schemes packages: Docs

Cardiologists from government and private hospitals have asked authorities of Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojna (RGJAY) to revise the package to conduct angioplasty at the earliest, as the current package under the government insurance scheme does not get the insurer the best stent. Read more