Motor Insurance Business – A bleeding portfolio worsening after liberalization

The origin of Motor Insurance began in 1895 in England. It is surprising to note, when he motor vehicles started its operation, General Insurance Corporation was the first company to transact motor insurance business after the World War I, there was a considerable increase of motor vehicles in all the countries, resulting in increase in number of Road accidents. Read more

SC: No insurance benefit if driver does not have a valid licence

The Supreme Court has set aside the ruling of the National Consumer Commission and reiterated that an insurance company is Read more

Motor Vehicles : The Road Killers

In the past few years, the number of registered vehicles, road accidents vis-à-vis the casualties and injuries to people have created a history. It is not death alone that is alarming. The number of people injured had almost doubled involving serious injuries of skull and limbs leaving them physically and mentally handicapped for life. Read more