“India needs atleast 1000 qualified actuaries in the near future”, IRDAI Chairman

Addressing the inaugural session of the 21st Global Conference of Actuaries (GCA), Chief Guest Dr. Subhash Chandra Khuntia, Chairman Insurance Read more

Cashless claims : IRDA chief ex plains non-intervention in stand-off

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority, Mr. J. Hari Narayan, justified IRDA’s non-intervention in the current stand-off between some insurers Read more

Insurance Ombudsman

The institution of Insurance Ombudsman was created by a Government of India Notification dated 11th November 1998 with the purpose Read more

Protection of Policyholders Interests (IRDA) Regulations

Salient Features Point of Sale (1) Notwithstanding anything mentioned in regulation 2 (e) above, a prospectus of any insurance product Read more

Insurance and Islam

1. Introduction

The validity of the transaction of insurance in Islam has been much talked of from time to time. It is said that it is illegal because the element of “Riba” i.e. interest is mixed in it and some say that the element of “Maiser” i.e., gambling, is the basis of this transaction. Read more