Fraud Survey Report 2012 India: Corporate India not equipped to deal with futuristic fraud: KPMG India

  • Cyber crime, Intellectual Property fraud (including counterfeiting and piracy) and Identity theft identified as frauds of the future
  • 70% have no effective mechanism to tackle these futuristic frauds
  • Fraud is an inevitable cost of business : 71% of respondents
  • Industry reluctant to discuss bribery and corruption Read more

Limitation period is key to insurance claims Subject: Misinterpretation of judgment causes havoc in insurance cases.

Backdrop: The limitation period means the time within which a person must file his case before a judicial authority for exercising Read more

Insurance : Industry On Growth Path

Indian insurance industry is booming. With the stock market booming and with more disposable incomes in the pockets of young and the employed, life insurance in on an upswing and the industry can expect 40% growth in 2005-06 with the right strategies. Read more