Insurable Interest and its importance in Insurance Contract


Everyday newspaper, television and other means of communication brings reports of death of number of peoples, naturally or by accident or otherwise. One does not shed a tear at this unless ones near relative or breadwinner or benefactor or friend are among the dead, because one has no interest in their continued existence or death. In other words he has no risk of loss in the death of the person or any motive to support that person’s life. Read more

Necessity of training for the General Insurance Agents

Having put in service of more than 4 decades in the insurance industry, I had been seeing that among the Read more

Insurers are not aggrieved Party in Motor Third Party Awards?

There remains a doubt in the minds of many including the insurers practicing the compulsory motor insurance for years whether it is open to the insurer to prefer an appeal against the award of the Motor Accidents Claims Tribunal (MACT) questioning the quantum of the compensation as well as regards the negligence of the offending vehicle where an insured has not preferred an appeal under Section 173 of MV Act, 1988 against an award given by the MACT. Read more