Tips for saving money on car insurance policy

If you are a car owner, you know that one of the most important documents you are required to  possess apart from your driver’s license is a valid car insurance policy. Whe-ther you’re looking to insure a new car or renew your existing policy, you must know what car insurance comprises and the factors that affect it, to help you understand how you can save money on the premium. Read more

Reinsurers to cap on liability claim for disasters

The global reinsurers are thinking to impose a limit on the maximum liability that non-life insurers can claim for a catastrophe as a result of huge claims from natural calamities in Japan, Thailand and Australia last year. GIC Re the indian reinsurer is also planning to put a cap on catastrophe insurance limit. Read more

Career Planning in Life Insurance

1. Introduction:

Individual’s Career Planning assumed greater significance with the growth and speed of knowledge, phenomenal increase in educational and training facilities and widespread increase in job opportunities.  Similarly, organizational career planning also gained importance with the change in technology, human needs, values and aspirations, increase in organizational size, complexity and number of openings at different levels. Read more

Third Party Insurance is Pre-Requisite to Motoring on Indian Roads

The Claimant is also entitled to seek additional compensation on fault basis and this compensation is available without any limits on the basis of the earning capacity and age of the victim or dependants. Read more

Current competitive era of non-life insurance market heading towards chaos and confusion

Now the Non-life insurance sector have almost completed about seven years since privatization of insurance. The non-life insurance market is passing through a serious crisis due to stiff competition. Read more


It appears, celebration time is here for non-life insurers. One can see mega discount sale being organized by various insurers! Surely, the idea of “garage sale” cannot work for insurance products. It can however be clearly seen that “premium discount” is the much talked about issue in the non-life insurance market. After the opening up of the insurance sector for private participation, the focal point of debate in various circles was detariffing. Read more