Edelweiss General Insurance to provide coverage to quarantined patients under Covid-19 policy

In a recent move, Edelweiss General Insurance said that the company’s COVID-19 policy will be providing coverage to the quarantined Read more

Portability of Health Insurance Policies

IRDA Circular In general, health insurance policies have specific exclusions for pre-existing diseases for a specified period of cover during the initial years. However, it has been observed that in cases where policyholder wishes to switch from one insurer to other, they do not gain any credit for the period of cover with previous insurer. Consequently the insured is tied to the insurer which is detrimental to competition. This places in policyholder at a distinct disadvantage. Read more

Cashless claims : IRDA chief ex plains non-intervention in stand-off

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority, Mr. J. Hari Narayan, justified IRDA’s non-intervention in the current stand-off between some insurers Read more