How much health Insurance is required?

The need for medical insurance increases with age. Disease may affect persons of any age may be a child, grown ups, young man or a old man. Accidents and injuries can effect anyone. However the amount needed for medical expenses may vary depending upon the type of disease.

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Health care system of India

Healthcare system of India is a mess. Results of the National Sample Survey 60th round bring out the picture in black and white. On the one hand, morbidity, which measures what proportion of the population reports and ailment, is going up, on the other hand, treatment Read more

Health Insurance: Contemporary Issues and Policy Implications of Government of India

The national health policies have given added emphasis on health insurance. The common minimum programme of the new UPA government also focuses on its important aspect. The recent govt. policies emphasize on many technical details and other nitty gritty of the problems on health insurance. The budgetary provision of 2003 -2004 extended financial interest in establishing hospital custom and excise duty exemption. Read more