Get ready to shell out more for motor, health & fire insurance

You may soon have to shell out more to buy motor, health or fire insurance. Concerned over the high level of losses in general insurance and pressured by a government direction to move further towards market-linked pricing, insurers are planning to raise premiums by an initial 2-5% and further up gradually, sources said. Some of the hike will be inflation-linked, but a major portion will be due to the new pricing strategies adopted by insurers after assessing risks. Read more

The basic principles that govern Fire insurance

The basic principles that govern Fire Insurance are:

Utmost good faith – In insurance contracts, the legal doctrine of utmost good faith applies. The insured has the duty to disclose all material facts, which have a bearing on the insurance. A breach of this duty may make the contract void or voidable. The duty of disclosure continues throughout the policy period. Read more

General Insurance: How interested is the insured: The aspect of Insurable Interest and its Transferability

While effecting a renewal of a Fire Policy issued by some other Company, it was observed that the name of the Insured in the original policy was different from the person who came to us for renewal of  the policy. On enquiry, he showed me an endorsement which read that “On request of the Insured, with effect from ___, this policy is transferred in the name of ____(The person who wanted to renew the policy). Read more

Commercial – Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy from Universal Sompo General Insurance Co. Ltd.

The fire insurance policy covers all immovable and movable property located in a particular premise such as buildings, plant and Read more

Safety orientation reduces fire hazards in a property

Very few people would disagree with the benefits of safety education. Many cities have already seen how fire figures and fatalities have been reduced after the implementation of such programmes. Read more