Budget 2013: OPPI wants increase in deduction with respect to health insurance premium

Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India (OPPI) in its budget 2013 wish-list has asked the government to government to increase the deduction to an individual or HUF under Section 80D with respect to health insurance premium paid. Read more

India may cut rates over inflation data

India’s wholesale inflation cooled to its weakest pace in 10 months in November, a sign the economy may finally be escaping a long period of price pressure and raising the chances of a rate cut in January. Read more

Insurance News: Cooperative model leads to inclusive growth

In a first ever move by the finance ministry to seek life insurers’ view on taxation issues, it has invited suggestions from life  insurance companies for making changes in direct and indirect taxes for the sector, to be considered in the Union Budget 2013-14.  In a letter to the Life Insurance Council, the ministry has called for suggestions and views for changes in the duty structure, rates  and broadening of tax base, giving economic justification for the same. Read more

Finance ministry backing up the insurance industry to boost growth

Insurance industry in India is on a warpath to boost growth and cut losses. They are knocking on the doors of the Finance Ministry to bring in reforms which will fuel growth in the slacked insurance sector. And the FM seems to be backing them up too. Read more