Repeat offender? car insurance may cost more

Are you a repeat offender of traffic rules? Soon, driving may turn out to be costlier for you. Or, you may be forced to even stop driving. The Delhi traffic police are planning to send details of the cars of habitual offenders to insurance companies so that they can be forced to pay more on premiums.

The companies can even refuse to renew their insurance plans and the police regularly impound uninsured cars.

The police said the initiative would come into effect once the e-challan system — which would store digitally the details of vehicles of high-risk drivers — becomes operational by March.

“The data would either be uploaded on our website or be sent to the insurance companies,” said Anil Shukla, additional commissioner (traffic). He said the insurance companies would then have to decide on policy renewal and premium hike.

Claiming that “it will deter the rash driver on city roads”, Sudhir Yadav, special commissioner of police (traffic), said drivers would be more careful now that getting traffic citations repeatedly would mean an increase in premiums.

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