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‘Health’ has been the primary focus of Reliance General Insurance in the recent past. We’ve streamlined all our energy towards innovating customer-centric products, one that would give us the competitive edge to stand out in the crowd by breaking the clutter. This product that we bring to you today is highly customizable, giving our customers the power to pick & choose their own covers as per their requirements.

Presenting the all-new power-packed Reliance Health Gain Policy – India’s first, the finest and highly customizable health insurance in three plans – Plus, Power & Prime. They are so fluid that our customers would never have to compromise again.  

The policy offers a wide range of features like double cover to guarantee cumulative bonus that remains intact even after a claim, 100% unlimited reinstatement of sum insured, consumables cover that pays for miscellaneous expenses like syringes, gloves etc., vaccination cover and option to even change room rent limits. Several other interesting features are also available in this policy that customers would never have imagined to be included in any health policy.


What is Reliance Health GainPolicy

A highly customizable health insurance product that enables customers to design their health insurance policy by choosing features as per their needs, and only paying for what they selected.

How is Reliance Health Gain Policy unique?

Health Gain Policy comes in 3 plans – Plus, Power and Prime&a bouquet of 38 new-age features/coversto address evolving and growing medical needs, and offers wide range of sum-insured options from 3 lakhs to ₹1 crore.Moreover, with no-age limit in this policy for a sum-insured up to ₹3 lakhs, senior citizens, who are sometimes devoid of a medical policy, can now protect themselves with this policy. The policy also offers a unique feature wherein a customer can cover a family of up to 12 including extended family members like father-in-law/ mother-in-law in the same family floater policy.

3 P’s of Personalization:

  • Plus is a starter pack, ideal for individual policyholders buying health insurance for the 1st time
  • Power is recommended for a family of four who needs an all-round protection
  • Prime is a feature-rich plan for customers who just want the best

Industry best features of Reliance Health GainPolicy

The industry leading features like Double Cover that provides twice the amount of sum-insured to be used during same claim; Unlimited reinstatement to restore the base sum insured amount as many times as it gets exhausted in a policy year;Guaranteed Cumulative Bonusthat protects loss of cumulative bonus post claim; or the benefit to reduce Pre-Existing disease waiting period from 3 years to 2 or even 1 year. With many more such benefits, the product has been designed keeping in mind the modern health-insurance consumer.

  • Double Cover on same claim
  • Unlimited reinstatement of Base Sum-insured
  • Guaranteed Cumulative Bonus
  • Reduce Pre-Existing Disease Waiting Period
  • Modern Treatment up to 100% of sum insured
  • Unlimited reinstatement of Base Sum-insured
  • Wide sum-insured option 3 lakhs to 1 crore
  • Hospital Cash & Consumable Cover
  • Upgrade hospital room rent limits
  • Loyalty benefits on Year-on-Year renewal (over and above sum insured limit)
  • Covers up to 12 family members in the same family floater policy


Additional benefits/features of Health Gain Policy

The distinctive rewards and discounts of the productare aimed at creating an appeal for not only all age groups but all income groups as well.

  • Healthy customers who are under 50 years of age and do not suffer from any pre-existing condition, will be rewarded with a discount of 15% on premium for buying a long term 2/3-year policy.
  • Promoting their support towards women in the country, the Policy offers a 5% discount on insuring girl child or if the proposer is female.
  • The Zone-wise pricing model of the policy ensures that customers pay premiums only as per the average medical cost of the city/town they live in.
  • A 7% and 12% discount on the policy premium if the customer buys a 2 years’ and 3 years policy respectively.
  • The policy can be bought for 1, 2 or 3-years policy tenure from the company’s 67000 intermediaries, 128 branch offices across the country and on company website –

Host of benefits available over and above the sum insured limit

  • Enhanced Covers
    • Unlimited reinstatement of Base Sum-insured
    • Guaranteed Cumulative Bonus
    • Consumable Cover
  • Smart Covers
    • Change in Modern Treatment Limit
    • Vision Correction
    • Second Opinion
  • Preventive Care Covers
    • Health Check-up
    • Vaccination Cover
  • Family Care Covers
    • Home Care Treatment
    • Companion Cover
    • Child Care Cover
  • Convenience Covers
    • Change in Pre-Post Hospitalization Limit
    • Air Ambulance
    • Radio Taxi
    • Convalescence Cover

Story angles we can explore

  • Customers can design their own health insurance with Reliance Health Gain Policy
  • Reliance GI launches the most flexible and customizable medical policy – Reliance Health Gain
  • Choose only what you need and pay only what you choose with Reliance Health Gain Policy
  • With Health Gain, Reliance GI introduces a family floater policy perfect for a joint family/HUF (up to 12 family members)
  • Now add up to 12 family members in your family floater plan with Reliance Health Gain Policy
  • Worried about squeezing your health expenses within your budget? Opt for Reliance Health Gain policy that allows you to customize the policy as well as pay only for what you choose
  • Reliance Health Gain Policy offers hosts of benefits over and above sum insured limit
  • People across ages and income group can benefit from Reliance Health Gain Policy
  • Reliance GI’s Health Gain Policy offers to reduce waiting period on pre-existing diseases
  • Reliance Health Gain Policy offers Double Cover on same claims
  • Reliance Health Gain – A policy that fits every budget

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