Online preparatory Mock Test for IRDA 50 hours exam for Insurance Agents Recruitment to be launched in January 2013

Insurance Institute of India conducts IRDA Online Recruitment Exam for the prospective Insurance Agents who want to join the insurance industry. Since 2012 this exam has been made online and is conducted by III at several online centres in India.

This exam is being conducted in regional languages all over India. The pass percentage in this exam is quite low due to stringent marking pattern and lack of coaching facilities available to the candidates.

Moreever in the classroom coaching conducted by the Training Institutes the candidates do not always get the facility to practice the test online before appearing in the exam. As a result many candidates fail in the exam as they are not computer savy.

To remove this difficulty and to help the candidates, Insurance Training Centre is launching an Online Preparatory Mock Test where the candidates can appear for the exam in actual exam conditions.

These online Test will be offered to the candidates free for a limited period to get them accustomed to the online pattern of the exam.

The course material for the exam has been prepared by Dr.Rakesh Agarwal, M.Com(BIM), PGJMC,LLB,FIII,MBA,ACA,Phd Associate Editor, The Insurance Times a renowned name in Insurance fraternity.

More details about the book can be had from our website

The insurance training Centre has been sponsored by The Insurance Times, the first monthly journal on insurance in India which has completed 33 years in publication. The Insurance Times group is a leading publication house on insurance books in India. The group had recently launched General Insurance Year Book, Health Insurance in India – Review, Guides for Licentiate and several other books successfully.

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