Online Certificate course on Motor Insurance in Digital Era

Motor Insurance is one of the prime portfolio in General Insurance Industry. The number of vehicles on the road is increasing rapidly with urbanisation and growth in economy. Any vehicle hitting the road must have compulsory third party insurance. This leads to compulsory demand of Motor Insurance. 

Traditionally Motor Insurance is being sold as Liability and Package policy. Over the last few years there has been rapid transformation in the product offered to the customers. Many addon benefits has been added and Insurers are continuously improvising the product offering.

Technology is completely transforming the way Motor Insurance Portfolio was being transacted. Right from Underwriting to Claims technology has revolutionised the Motor Insurance portfolio.

Covid has further accelerated growth of technology and focus on value addition, faster claim settlement, and ease the whole experience of buying a Motor Policy.

The practice of Motor Insurance is changing rapidly and the Insurers, Brokers, Advisors, Agents must understand the transitions in this segment and adapt to the new technology and transformations.

This course has been designed to give an overview of the current practice in Motor Insurance, development in Motor Portfolio over the years, Development in Motor Portfolio around the world, and future changes which will impact the overall industry.

We have designed video lectures on specified topics along with Mock Test for better understanding.

We have also given additional resources covering the latest development in the Motor Insurance Industry.

The course is around 20 hours. On completion of the course you will get a Certificate of Completion. Validity 2 months.

The course is being offered by The Insurance Times Group. The delivery partner is


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