MetLife Retirement Savings Plan

MetLife Retirement Savings Plan, is a non-linked, participating pension plan. MetLife Retirement Savings Plan ensures Vesting Benefit: Sum Assured + Vested Simple Reversionary bonus plus Terminal Bonus, if any. Death Benefit: Death Sum Assured + Accrued Simple Reversionary Bonus + Terminal Bonus, if any; (Where Death Sum Assured is defined as 105% of all Premiums paid (excluding service tax and extra premium, if any)) Flexibility: You can defer the vesting date up to age 75 years.
Particulars Boundary Conditions
Min. Age at entry* 30 years
Max. Age at entry* 64 years (Limited Pay 10 years) 65 years ( Others)
Min / Max. age at Vesting* 50 / 75 years
Minimum Sum Assured Regular Pay & Limited Pay 10 Years: Rs 300,000 Limited Pay 5 Years & Single Pay: Rs 500,000
Maximum Sum Assured As per our Board Underwriting Policy
Premium Payment Term Single Pay / 5 Pay / 10 Pay / Equal to Policy Term
Minimum Policy Term Premium Payment Type Regular Pay & Limited Pay 5 years Limited Pay 10 Years Single Pay Minimum Policy Term 10 years 11 years 5 years
Maximum Policy Term# SP: 20 years Others: 30 years
Minimum Annualized Premium Premium Payment Type Regular Pay Limited Pay 10 Years Limited Pay 5 Years Single Pay Minimum Annualized Premium Rs. 7,044 Rs. 13,128 Rs. 35,990 Rs. 262,250
*Age Last Birthday # offers running terms between minimum & maximum policy terms in the interval of 1 year.

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