Life Insurance Plan: Kotak Life Insurance Saral Suraksha

You are your family’s primary source of income and your continued presence ensures their comfort and well-being. However, life is unpredictable and your absence will not only result in emotional trauma but also place your family under considerable financial duress.

A low cost term plan, Kotak Saral Suraksha allows you to choose the life insurance coverage for your family so their future can be  sufficiently covered in the unfortunate event of your death. You can give them financial security through the convenience of a hassle-  free sign-up and your preferred premium payment mode.

Key Features

Low cost insurance

Kotak Saral Suraksha provides significant cover at a very low premium. You choose the sum assured in this plan to ensure adequate financial cover for your family. The benefit payable to your family in case of an unfortunate death during the policy term will be:

  • Policy Year                            Benefit Payable
  • 1st Policy Year                      All premiums paid
  • 2nd Policy Year onwards        Sum Assured1

Thus, your family will have the support of a financial cushion any time a mishap like death happens.

Choice of policy term

The Kotak Saral Suraksha plan provides you an option of two policy terms. Depending on your need, you can opt for a policy term of 5 or 10 yeaRs The insurance cover, as explained above, will be applicable for this term. Thus you will be able to mould the plan as per your protection requirement.

Convenient premium payment options

Premiums can be paid over a 5-year premium payment term or as a single premium. These premium payment options are available for both the policy terms – 5 and 10 yeaRs If you opt for premium payment over a 5-year period, you can pay your premiums annually or half-yearly depending upon your income pattern and convenience. Based on your comfort level, you can choose how you want to pay your premiums.

Easy sign up

You need not undergo medical tests to avail benefits of this plan. Minimal paperwork ensures ease in applying and issuance.

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