IRDA raps Bajaj Allianz General insurance for deficiency in claims settlement

Complaint No. 442/BAJNL/COMP/09-10 – Motor Insurance Claim under Policy No. OG-09-1101-6014-00010777

Shri Tapan Kumar Singhel

Chief Executive Officer

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Ltd.

GE Plaza, Airport Road, Yerawada,

Pune“ 411 006

Dear Sir,

Re:  General Inspection of complaint pertaining to M/s Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited April, 2011; Complainant: Mr.Ritesh Kumar Complaint No. 442/BAJNL/COMP/09-10  Motor Insurance Claim under Policy No. OG-09-1101-6014-00010777 Violation of Regulations 9(1) & Regulation 9(5) of IRDA PPHI Regulations 2002

We draw your attention to your letter of 15.05.2012 in regard to delay in responding to the insured post the claim intimation and also to the delay in making offer of claim settlement in regard to the above complaint. . The competent authority has taken serious note of your company’s violation of Regulations 9(1) and (5) of IRDA (PPI) Regulations 2002 in the matter.

While no further charges are pressed for the moment, you are specifically advised to scrupulously adhere to IRDA PPI Regulations 2002 in all matters regarding claims servicing. The competent authority has also directed that systems be put in place in your company to the effect that all claim papers/documents are properly docketed.

The receipt of this letter may be acknowledged.

Yours faithfully,

(Yegnapriya Bharath)

Joint Director

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