Insurance News: India Network Foundation to cover pre existing conditions for US visitors

Many Indian visitors to the United States are concerned about the burden on their children should they become sick while in the United States

India Network Foundation, sponsor of Accident and Sickness Insurance programs for visitors to the United States, announced on 10th November a new enhanced insurance plan to provide coverage for pre existing conditions.

The new insurance plan is unique in the United States providing out-patient, in-patient, accidental death and dismemberment, medical evacuation and repatriation benefits associated with any pre existing medical condition. The India Network Accident and Sickness Insurance program is underwritten by ACE American Insurance Company, United States, A+ (Superior) rated company by AM Best. Claims of the program are administered by a third party administrator, Administrative Concepts, Inc. (ACI). ACI accepts electronic submission of claims and provides on-line access to members to submit and review claim status.

Nita Nicoulucii, President of ACI, said that “Administrative Concepts. Inc. is honored to be awarded the India Network Account. We look forward to servicing this eager group of US travelers. It is our on-going goal to seek 100% satisfaction of our valued visitors from India. ACI is excited for our future with the India Network! Thank you, Dr. Rao for granting us this opportunity!”

Many Indian visitors to the United States are concerned about the burden on their children should they become sick while in the United States. In response to such concerns, India Network Foundation has been sponsoring health insurance programs for visitors, temporary workers, students, religious priests, cultural artists and others visiting the United States. With more than two decades of improving the plan structure with input from members, India Network Foundation program is truly a community accomplishment with their active participation in the program as well as providing valuable feedback.

The India Network Accident and Sickness Insurance program offers scheduled benefit and network based plans with an option to purchase pre-existing conditions for all age groups. The pre existing condition coverage option is available for network based (80/20) plan and for $100,000 and $150,000 scheduled benefit programs. The pre existing option for each plan type requires a minimum duration of 90 days and a maximum of 364 days. Europ Assistance Services provide 24 x7 service for policy holders.

Dr. KV Rao, India Network Foundation founder commented, “The new visitor insurance program launched today is a milestone in the history of short term visitor plans to extend coverage for pre existing conditions on par with new problems. It took many years of hard work and community support to bring this plan offering. The new India Network Program is an exceptional offering in the insurance sector to help visitors from India or from anywhere in the world visiting United States. More than 40 million parents are estimated to be suffering from diabetes in India and it is projected to reach 100 million by 2030. Hence it is imperative that the visitor health insurance programs provide some coverage for people suffering from these common ailments.”

One important aspect of the new plan is that the new plans will have the same premiums, deductibles and minimum and maximum durations with the added benefit of including out-patient benefits for pre existing condition coverage, previously available only for new issue and accident coverage. The network based (80/20) plan will continue to use Multiplan Network of PPO providers and the scheduled benefit Standard Plan and Premier Plans will continue as open network plans.

Network based plans, also known as Comprehensive plans, offer negotiated in-network rates, a comparable deductible to scheduled benefit plans, and a co-insurance of 20% for the insured up to $5,000 of the medical expenses, after which, the plan pays 100% of the medical expenses per policy contract. This typically results in an out-of-pocket maximum expense of a $250 deductible plus $1,000 co-insurance for new medical issues up to the maximum coverage of the plan.

About India Network Foundation India Network Foundation, established as a US non-profit organization, has been helping the Asian Indian community in North America with programs and grants to academics from India for more than two decades. India Network Foundation sponsors visitor health insurance to tourists, students, temporary workers (H1 visa holders) and their families. All insurance products are administered by India Network Services.

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