Institute of Actuaries of India organised the 21st Global Conference of Actuaries in Mumbai

Institute of Actuaries of India (IAI) is a statutory body established under The Actuaries of Act 2006 (35 of 2006) for regulation and development of the profession of Actuaries in India. IAI has organized the 21st Global Conference of Actuaries from 17th February to 19th February 2020 in Mumbai. To commemorate the 75 glorious years of Indian Actuarial Profession, this time the focus of the global conference is towards ‘Striving for Excellence, Creating Sustainable Future’. The subjects, sessions, and discussions would revolve around the theme. The global conference will be conducted with a flavor of grandeur and admiration of the Indian Actuarial Profession on reaching the Platinum Jubilee Milestone. It will witness the presence of Actuaries from the global sphere discussing subjects based on Insurance & Pension. There will be a panel discussion with experts on subjects related to climate change and its impact on society. As the theme suggests, the actuaries will speak on the risk analysis factor in the financial businesses, for better outcomes in the Financial Industry. “The Global Conference of Actuaries provides a platform where the Actuaries and Non-Actuaries from all across the globe gather and share their views & opinions on matters that impact the Financial Services Industry, particularly in the area of Insurance, Pensions, Risk management, data science, and analytics. With such an event, we create opportunities for Actuaries all over the globe to learn/contribute papers/presentations on the financial aspects that affect the Financial Industry as a whole. This year is special as we complete 75 years of the Indian Actuarial Profession and celebrate platinum jubilee year,” said Mr. Sunil Sharma, President Institute of Actuaries of India. The GCA is organized annually since 1999 attracting stakeholders in the Insurance and Financial sectors, with an evening being devoted to Actuarial Gala Function & Awards (AGFA). The AGFA, as well as GCA, are organized with financial assistance from the Insurance and Pensions Industry, Consulting Organizations and other stakeholders in the event.

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