Indian health insurance suit aims at Next-gen digital healthcare transactions

health insurance industry’s first digital interconnection system, HealthEdge, that provides automation and seamless connectivity between all parts of a payer’s administrative and clinical systems announced a partnership with ThoughtWorks to build a Center of Excellence across its development operations.

ThoughtWorks will work closely with HealthEdge to create a world-class team, doubling its size by more than 100 hires by the end of 2021. The goal is to scale HealthEdge’s processes around sourcing, capacity building, and training to effectively onboard engineering leaders in India.

The planned Center of Excellence will house multiple functions including development, product management, technical operations, and DevOps. The team will lead the way to achieve organizational goals with crucial programs like transformation, performance and scalability, and data lake development.

Steve Krupa, CEO, HealthEdge, said, “We are building a great company that will be the epicenter of healthcare transactions.”

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